New England Muslim Festival 2023 Rules and Guidelines


This Code of Conduct is designed to provide all NEMF volunteers with principles and expectations for appropriate conduct and behavior.

All volunteers shall abide by and conform to these professional standards:

  • Volunteers will abide by the dress code of the NEMF as per their assigned team.
  • Volunteers will follow the time of their assigned shift and be at the designated area.
  • Volunteers shall act honestly and ethically while performing their volunteer duties.
  • Volunteers shall treat all NEMF volunteers, Vendors, and community members with respect, courtesy, and dignity.
  • Volunteers shall not discriminate and should respect ethnic, national, and cultural differences.
  • Volunteers shall not harass, bully, or mistreat staff or other volunteers.
  • Volunteers shall obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws while acting on behalf of the NEMF, including all laws and regulations that govern appropriate conduct in the workplace.
  • Volunteers shall deter wrongdoing and ensure accountability for adherence to the Code of Conduct.
  • Volunteers shall assist and cooperate with all Society investigations.
  • Volunteers shall report violations or suspected violations of the Code of Conduct. Violations should be reported to the assigned staff lead.
  • Volunteers shall seek assistance if they have questions about volunteer guidelines, including the Code of Conduct. Suppose a staff member or volunteer has questions or concerns about the code of conduct or wishes to file a formal complaint. In that case, they may contact, their local staff lead, and/or the NEMF Organizing Committee President M. Abutaha at 781-219-8587 |

NEMF is a partnering with MIC, Malden, MA with 501 ©(3) ID: 06-1801445 |

405 Pearl Street, Suite #1, Malden, MA 02148 | contact NEMF at |

Please send check made out to name of ‘OUTREACH COMMUNITY AND REFORM CENTER’

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